16 Pairs of Cheap Shoes You’d Swear Are Designer

Kendall Jenner in $49 Eros boots (not Yeezys).

Kendall Jenner in $49 Ego boots (not Yeezys); Image: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

It’s a weird time for retail. No, we’re not referring to the massive number of store closures. Literally, it’s an odd time to be shopping. The almighty sale season has come and just about gone. Fresh (and, sadly, full-priced) offerings won’t hit the shelves for another couple of weeks. Still, all you procrastinators who are now frantically searching for chic, cheap shoes to wear on your feet in the last weeks of summer and early days of fall, we hear you.

At this point in the game, we can’t really justify dropping hundreds on footwear. Our sandals and slides are due to expire in six to eight weeks (although, with global warming, you never know) and we’re still saving up for our annual designer boot buy.

The good news is that there are plenty of cheap-but-expensive-looking shoes that’ll throw onlookers off your frugal scent. (Copycat allegations aside, Ego, Charles & Keith, Public Desire and Zara are a few of our favorite reasonably priced retailers.)

Seeing is believing. Whether you’re in the market for sandals, flats or transitional boots, scroll through the gallery below for the best cheap shoes a hundred dollars (give or take) can buy.

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