A Look Back at Fashion’s Most Notorious Low-Rise Jeans Moments

Fashion from the early 2000s has slowly been seeping its way into our consciousness throughout the past year with nostalgic sightings sprouting up intermittently on runways and our favorite style icons. From Kendall Jenner’s silver sequin plunging halter dress to Chrissy Teigen’s chain hip belt to Vetements’ reworked Juicy Couture tracksuits — it was only a matter of time before someone busted out the most controversial of them all: low-rise jeans.

That’s right, just when we finally found our rhythm with the wonderfully feminine and flattering high-rise waistline, the denim style made famous by cardio-loving pop stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Gwen Stefani and Jessica Simpson is headed for a resurgence. Are we really ready for the return of the visible butt crack, muffin tops and peekaboo thong strings?

The Carrie Bradshaw-Approved Going-Out Top Is Back ]

Yes, low-rider jeans are happening and they’re happening all around you. They’re happening on the runways of Balenciaga, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli (obviously). They’re happening on all the supermodels, including the Hadids, Emily Ratajkowski, Gisele Bündchen, Lily Aldridge, Kendall and Karlie Kloss. They’re also happening on revered style icons Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. So they’re happening, OK? You’ve been fully warned.

The silver lining to the low-rise jean reemergence is that we don’t need to relive them as we did the first time around. We can pair them with a stylish oversized T-shirt or, better yet, pair them with the über popular bodysuit. And this is why, despite our shared apprehension of this trend, we will undoubtedly give low-rise jeans another shot. Maybe.

While you ponder whether you’re willing to take the plunge into hip bone-baring denim, take a look through some of the notorious low-rise jeans moments ever.

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