The Mini Bag Trend Continues With the Return of the Wristlet

Celine Aagaard wearing wristlet bag on August 8, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Celine Aagaard at Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2018; Image: Imaxtree

If you were old enough to be fashion-conscious in the early 2000s, you most likely owned a wristlet bag — if not several. It’s also highly probable that said wristlet was covered in logos (or “designer-inspired” logos for those of us who couldn’t afford the real thing). And while it’s been a decade or so since the aughts accessory MVP has been in fashion’s good graces, it appears the iconic item is finally poised for a comeback. Yep, get ready to welcome the wristlet revival because what goes around always comes back around.

wristlets on Anya Hindmarch, Jacquemus Fall 2017 runways

Anya Hindmarch, Jacquemus Fall 2017 runway; Images: Imaxtree

The Fall 2017 wristlet isn’t exactly a total reincarnation of its predecessor. While the classic zip-purse-with-wrist-strap silhouette is still around, the newest versions of the trend include stacked, boxy styles like those spotted on the Anya Hindmarch runway as well as thicker-strapped ladylike options as offered by Jacquemus. Fendi’s interpretation of the new wristlet was similar to the staple zipped style of yore, but included three pouches stacked together, key ring-style. No matter the variation on silhouette, designers were officially resurrecting the iconic item. The wristlet is dead, long live the wristlet.

wristlets on Fendi Fall 2017 runway

Fendi Fall 2017 runway; Images: Imaxtree

While it may not be as practical (read: hands-free) as the crossbody bag, there is a certain devil-may-care vibe to dangling a single strap option from your wrist. “Oh this?” it seems to say, “It holds some of my stuff, but I’m too busy and important to dedicate my entire hand to carrying it.” Just check out some of street style’s major players hanging on to the trend — and looking totally effortless — at Spring 2018 fashion weeks in Copenhagen and Oslo. And with New York Fashion Week around the corner, expect to see more.

Emili Sindlev wears wristlet at Oslo Fashion Week Spring 2018

Emili Sindlev at Oslo Fashion Week Spring 2018; Image: Getty

To be among the first of your crowd to embrace the wristlet renaissance, click through our slideshow ahead. From denim to chain mail to velvet, there’s an option here at every budget that deserves to be on your arm ASAP.

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