How to Style Oversized Sweaters Without Looking Sloppy

It’s officially September, which means we can’t deny it any longer: fall is coming. But don’t be too sad because the end of sandal and sundress season means the beginning of boots and big sweaters season. It’s also the perfect time to practice your advanced layering skills.

We said a sad goodbye to oversized sweaters in the spring, but brisk fall mornings are the time to bring them back into wardrobe rotation. It’s tempting to pair oversized sweaters with equally cozy pants (read: track pants or leggings) but combining too many slouchy pieces can often look sloppy. It’s best to restrict the loungewear for actual lounging and pair oversized sweaters with structured pieces to create an interesting contrast.

To get out of the shorts-plus-T-shirt mindset we’ve adopted for the last couple of months, scroll through the gallery above for inspiration on how to wear oversized knits this season.

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Images: Imaxtree