35 Eternally Trending Velvet Pieces to Buy Now Because Fall


Velvet is to fall what florals are to spring. The plush, baroque-referencing fabric has always been a mainstay of the season. Still, when swathed in the rich material you do run the risk of feeling like a seventeenth-century monarch — or worse, an extra from A Christmas Carol. So keep this styling tip in mind: the best way to wear velvet clothing and accessories is to incorporate them in fun, unexpected ways.

From flashy blazers to fancy footwear and even ribbed socks, there are many ways to crush on velvet this season. Black velvet will always be a good go-to, but it’s time to expand our horizons. Colorful floral prints and tie-dye patterns offer a fresh take on the classic fabric.

The bottom line? We’re always up for velvet. Annoying as it is to clean, the material instantly adds texture, interest and a touch of opulence to any outfit. And so we’re constantly updating our velvet clothing assortment.

Click through the slideshow above to discover our favorite velvet clothing and accessories for fall.

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