28 Long-Sleeved Winter Dresses for When You Want to Look Good/Be Lazy

Each year around December, we’re hit with Winter Closet Syndrome (WCS). Much like SAD, it’s a malaise that coincides with the onset of colder weather. Temperatures dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and suddenly we hate all of our clothes. It takes us an interminably long time to get dressed in the morning. Our newly purchased pants no longer bring us joy; all of last year’s sweaters look like piled-up piles of mess.

The solution? Reinvigorate your wardrobe with some fun new winter dresses. Each morning, throw one on, plus some tights — or if you’re feeling especially fashion, colorful trousers or light jeans — a pair of boots, a heavy jacket and you’ll be good to go in 30 seconds flat, give or take. (In this case, we’re defining “winter dresses” as “long-sleeved dresses, particularly those of the knit, velvet or other sturdy fabric variety.”)

Trust us, your new, easy-breezy get-ready routine will take you back to a time when the sun shone bright and sundresses and sandals were your uniform du jour. Only now you’ll be cozier, your complexion a little paler, your palette a little darker.

Below you’ll find 28 winter dresses that are big on (arm) coverage and style. Prepare to get excited for the cold.