16 White Jeans to Show Off All Your Pretty Summer Tops

If you believe in strict fashion rules, the span between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered the sweet spot to wear white. While that rule has become a little more flexible over the years, most of us still favor the warmer months to break out our starkest attire. So we weren’t exactly floored to see a recent increase in white jeans hitting the market. From bright to more off-white, they’re set to become as commonplace as our favorite basic blues.

When it comes to styling, white jeans are just as versatile as their blue cousins. The fits vary from skinny to bootcut to flared to cropped. And since double (sometimes even triple) denim is still popular, feel free to layer your white denim. You can even mix and match your white jeans with darker washes. Sure, stains will be a bit more noticeable, but it’s worth the risk and investing in some bleach.

Find your perfect pair of white jeans above.

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