We spoke to hair God to the stars, Frank Galasso of Frank Studio in Santa Monica, California.  He’s the go-to stylist to countless celeb beauties, including Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leighton Meester, and Colbie Caillat, and had a lot to say about what 2010 has in store for our locks. He says we’ll be paying tribute to the new decade with a statement style as opposed to a cowardly trim. Frank says, “This is the year of the HAIRCUT! Something that makes a statement. This year, a fabulous haircut will be a woman’s best accessory.”

When asked what was the best accessory last decade, Frank says, “the curling iron.” This will be the year to ditch our curling irons and let loose, giving hair a decided makeunder, because this year’s looks are all about achieving the perfectly imperfect, not too pretty, undone look. Say goodbye to trying-too-hard day looks and flawlessly coiffed nightime updos, and hello to these uninhibited, confidence-rocking free-form styles.

The unstructured wave

Admittedly, he is not a big fan of medium hair (“medium-length hair is for soccer moms,” he says). But in the spirit of achieving an unreserved look with medium- or longer-length hair, Galasso recommends unleashing your natural wave and going for a softer, more beachy bed-hair look.

This style, parted on the side or in the middle, attains a dramatic yet carefree look that is equal parts animal sexy and sweetly demure. To get perfect texture and enhanced thickening, try applying a dry shampoo.

Glam rocker

Killer with short hair, and equally fierce for long, are the glam rock cuts inspired by 80’s punk days (think Joan Jett) through to the early 90’s grunge era (think Kate Moss from her legendary CK1 ads).  Although not for the shy, these styles are surprisingly versatile because most include varying levels of layers, piecing and/or fringes that allow them to lie on a varying spectrum of edge.

From a modernized bob or asymmetrical pixie to a long, layered shag or an all-out-there razor cut close to the scalp for the truly daring, these rock ‘n roll inspired cuts are thoughtfully reckless and scream: “New year, new me!”

Million-dollar colors

According to Frank, this decade’s color will be all about luxurious tones, colors that tell a story, colors that will make 2009’s scrapbook look rather cheap. This season, look for honey wheat and golden blondes, rich red-browns, shiny chestnut rinses, and lustrous black (but Frank cautions that black should be left for 20-somethings with flawless skin; otherwise it can make one look older than she is).

Bold, contrasting color streaks and chunks will also shock in 2010 as fashion continues to take a markedly experimental approach. Frank recommends a temporary approach in this regard, however, stating that clip-in color highlights offer all the fun of a wild ride without any of the expense or commitment. The runway’s star color this season will be the ever-vibrant and fiery red, available in a variety of head-turning shades.