12 Perfect White Tees to Wear With Everything

It’s a street style staple and model-off-duty must-have, but finding the perfect one is a challenge. We’re talking about the elusive white tee. While they somehow manage to look effortlessly polished and nonchalant on famous folk, finding a good white T-shirt can be tricky. Sure, you could raid your boyfriend’s closet for a still-stark undershirt but his versions usually come off too baggy. So what’s a girl to do?

We’re taking the trauma out of T-shirt shopping by giving you a guide to how to find your ideal fit. Though white tees seem pretty basic, there’s quite the variety to choose from. From crew neck to plunging, pockets to uneven hems, the devil is really in the details.

Another important component of mastering the white tee paradox is knowing what to wear underneath. While your instinct is probably to pick up a nude T-shirt bra that matches your skin tone, that’s actually the wrong way to go. Turns out, red is key to camouflaging your bra under a bright white T-shirt. Although that seems counterintuitive, there’s science to back it up. Red absorbs light in such a way that it blends seamlessly with the color of your skin under that white tee. Just make sure you stick with a true red since offshoots like pink or reds with orange undertones won’t do the trick.

Hopefully, you’re taking notes because we’ve only scratched the surface. Ahead, 12 white tees that’ll perfectly pair with everything from your fave jeans to miniskirts to cutoffs.

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