This Swimwear Brand Is Eco-Friendly AND Size-Inclusive

Great brands and companies always start with a vision. That vision is then shared with consumers and the next thing you know, you’re changing the world little by little. In this case, one swimsuit at a time. Introducing Alyned Together, a new swimwear brand that is both eco-friendly and size-inclusive. Not to mention, affordable. Sounds good already, right?

The brand started out with a small female team that wanted to change the game when it came to making the best-ever bikini. And by “best,” we mean one that helps make life a little greener and the oceans we swim in a little cleaner as well as one that includes and empowers every woman in all shapes and sizes.

Alyned Together does this by working with textile scientists to come up with smarter materials for its swimsuit collections. The first collection is made from recycled polyester, which lessens the need for virgin fossil fuel extraction. The eco-conscious brand also hosts cleanups and other awesome things that help reduce and reverse damage in our ecosystems.

The brand also believes that eco-friendly fashion should be designed for every body type. Its designs are made with the intention to empower women to have the confidence to express themselves in their own way. We don’t know about you, but we’re already in love with this brand!

There’s still time to hit the beach before fall is officially here — and it’s never too early to start planning for next summer! The good news is, Alyned Together’s current collection is on sale right now. Head on over to the website, maybe get a bikini or two and start being a part of this awesome cause.

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