How to Wear Your Fall Sweaters Now (Without Overheating)

As much as we love the warm weather, we want to wear our new fall clothes now. We don’t want to wait until October. At the same time, we don’t want to wish away the balmy weather. What’s a girl to do? With a few style tricks, you can start wearing your fall clothes without looking ridiculous — including sweaters.

Fashion is all about balance and it’s key to incorporating sweaters into a trans-seasonal look without overheating. While the temperature still remains summery, it’s best to stick with lightweight, open-weave, breathable and/or cropped versions for optimal coolness. Heavier sweaters can still be worn, but it’s essential to contrast them with breezy pieces, otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’re dressing for the wrong season or you end up sweating buckets. Neither option is ideal.

In terms of styling, balance the long sleeves and cozy nature of sweaters with lightweight fabrics and cropped shapes. Consider leg-baring denim shorts, trendy miniskirts and lightweight trousers. If a piece offers extra ventilation through details like cut-outs or grommets, work it into the look. Even something as simple as an open shoe can make a difference in regulating body temperature.

Read on to see inspiration from the streets on how to master trans-seasonal dressing and show off those fall sweaters.

Images: Imaxtree