How to Master Color Clashing, According to the Street Style Set

It seems like there’s a new “It” color every time we turn around. From Gen Z yellow to kelly green to millennial pink and safety orange, keeping up with the shade du jour is a lot to process — and frankly, it’s too pricey to keep our wardrobes in accord with the changing color spectrum. But leave it to the street style set to show us how to style looks that combine multiple hues. Thereby guaranteeing the lilac pieces you’re stocking up on now can still work with your Neo Mint and Aspen Gold staples.

It’s against our better instincts to clash colors no matter their popularity. But it’s a no-brainer for fashion show attendees longing to stand out from the fashionable crowd in order to get snapped by a street style photographer. The key? Anything goes as long as you don’t combine too many shades at once. Some street style stars rely on their accessories to incorporate another trendy hue. Others opt for neutral accents to keep the focus on their multihued clothes. Experts can even clash colors and patterns simultaneously.

As a novice, your best bet is to start with two “It” colors. Try teaming a millennial pink clutch with a sky blue skirt or sporting two different shades of pink in one look. See below for more tips and tricks on how to clash colors the street style way.

Images: Imaxtree

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