20 Skirt-and-Boots Combinations to Wear All Winter Long

Once December hit, you probably packed away all of your favorite shorts and skirts so they could ride out winter in your closet. But skirts can stay in rotation as long you know the tricks of the trade. The key is to opt for warmer fabrics and pair them with tall boots. And aim for skirts that at least graze your knees. (Save those micro minis for summer.)

Although pairing midi and maxi skirts with tall boots is a no-brainer, deciphering which boot goes with which skirt for ultimate warmth and sartorial points is a bit more complicated. You definitely want to try to cover up your legs so the top of the boot shaft either touches or goes under the hem of your skirt of choice. If your skirt has a slit, the boots should rise to the occasion. Found a pair that perfectly matches a skirt but leaves a little leg exposed to the harsh winter winds? That’s where tights come in handy.

We went ahead and put together 20 skirt and boot pairings that’ll have you covered this winter.

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