When Holes in Your Leggings Are a Good Thing: Activewear’s Next Big Trend

Activewear used to be about breathable fabrics that allowed for movement and minimized copious amounts of sweat. Now with velvet, crochet stitching and even denim, there’s clearly more dimension to this segment of the apparel industry. With the development of athleisure, a new fashion category was born — and with it, a new iteration of trends and styles.

Today, a growing number of brands are melding function and fashion by skipping breathable mesh and instead putting actual holes in their garments. Some of these holes are so big that slits is a more fitting term. Whatever you call it, fashion experts say we can expect more trends to translate to activewear than ever before.

“Athleisure tends to follow trends seen in ready-to-wear and swimwear,” says Yoga Outlet head buyer Liz Nykamp. “As the industry has expanded, brands are aiming to stay on-trend with colors, prints, new fabrications and silhouettes. They’re also expanding with more items like joggers, cover-ups and graphic tees while still maintaining their functionality through technical fabrics and fit.”

Here’s a look at some fun — and airy — pieces to spice up your gym (and beyond) wardrobe.

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