Apparently my friend and I weren’t the only ones mesmerized by the ‘Whirly Skirts’ display in the window of Old Navy on Broadway: celebrities all over the place have been spotted in tiered and ruffled skirts similar to the retail chain’s ‘it’ piece for spring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the skirts in the display that fascinated us, but the mechanical twirling mannequins. Tiers first found their place on floor-dusting hippie skirts, but were hiked up in the 80’s and 00’s to the ruffled minis these celebs seem to favor. Swirling tiers bring to mind a few things – wedding cakes, Barbie gowns, and three year-old girls in Easter dresses – but none of them really seem like something a grown woman would to try and emulate. Here’s a look at celebrities attempting to do just that, some of them getting away with it, but most not.


It’s no wonder Matthew McConaughey chose Camila Alves to be his baby mama – the Brazilian’s a beauty. But the unflattering lines of this jumbled outfit aren’t helping her, and it’s not just the one-up, one-down Uggs. The ruffles peeking out from her skirt create a tutu effect that would look a lot more appropriate on the couple’s infant daughter (or maybe a Harajuku girl.) Luckily, the model is pictured on set here, so she can’t take the blame for this poor assortment.

Why is pro figure skater Evan Lysacek is looking the other way? It could be his companion Cheryl Burke’s costumey skirt. Tiers, fringe, AND lace combine to take what could have been simple nightwear, and make it more fitting for the kind of dance floor the two-time Dancing With the Stars winner is used to. They might both be champions, but she’s not scoring any points with this skirt.

Speaking of dancing, Venus Williams looked more like she’s ready to start doing a can-can than show off a mean backhand at the Sony Ericsson Open. Maybe this corset dress is really her style, or maybe she just wanted to scare off her opponents, but hopefully her tennis skills will prove more successful than her fashion sense. You’ve got to give her credit, though – when you’re that good you can wear whatever the hell you want on the court.


Here’s someone who we’re more used to seeing in tiny corset dresses, but instead tastefully chose subtle ruffles for a day out in Malibu. Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio shows us that you can pull off tiers if you stick to basic fabrics and pair them with casual neutrals.

Now, this is not technically a tier, but a bonus pic of skirt abuse that can’t be passed up:

You’d think being the niece of famed designer Tommy would have given Jaimie Hilfiger a leg up in fashion, but this "gentleman’s model" and aspiring entertainment broadcaster’s skirt (or maybe the whole outfit) belongs in the trash she’s skating by.

Take her fashion faux pas as a warning: if you can’t do tiers as well as Alessandra, pleats are not an acceptable replacement.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.