21 New Ways to Wear Shorts This Season

Before you know it, it’ll be shorts season — both inside and outside. And while we’ve all got a trusty supply of Bermudas, cutoffs and everything in between, we don’t have a Rolodex listing lots of ways to wear shorts. So we decided to do what we do in most sartorial situations, turn to the street style set.

As with every other piece of clothing, street stylists have some truly unique ways to wear shorts. From rocking shorts suits to colorful leather iterations and even bike shorts (yup, they’re still a thing), there are all kinds of new ways to wear shorts we’re betting you never thought of. Plus, 2020 marks the return of the romper — an often underused and undervalued weapon in our spring and summer arsenal.

When it comes to length, anything goes. From micro shorts with a more sporty feel to shorts that go down below the knees into almost culotte territory, the options are pretty endless. So go with whatever you’re comfortable with.

Get ready to take notes. Check out the slideshow above to see 21 new ways to wear shorts from now straight through summer. Some ideas are so good, you’ll want to wear them around the house.