Finally: High-Waisted, High-Leg Bikinis Are the It Style for Summer

Ladies, we’ve been asking for this for forever. Dear bathing suit designers/fashion gods/anyone who will listen: We’d like more flattering swimwear, please.

Could you work your magic and possibly do something that, we don’t know, lengthens the leg? Perhaps something that makes our legs appear lithe and toned? And while you’re at it, give us some more material to work with. Every low-rise bikini bottom we’ve ever owned has never been a friend.

Image: Imaxtree

Well, our prayers have been answered. Swimsuit designers supplied us with the most flattering suits since the first episode of Baywatch. They are high-waisted so they cover any lower belly issues and hit us at the area where the body naturally curves in. They also cut them higher so our legs look long and lean.

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