21 Practical Picks to Master Fashion’s Utilitarian Trend

Utilitarian dressing done the street style way.

This is how fashion girls do utilitarian; Image: Imaxtree

“Practical” is considered a dirty word in fashion. Fun and fantasy generate the most interest and likes. And fashion is still enthralled with whimsical trends as evidenced by the popularity of beaded bags, feather accents and the circus trend.

But the desire to have easy, chic pieces is strong and has translated into utilitarian dressing. Utility pieces are as trusty and versatile as a T-shirt or jeans, just a touch crisper. Utilitarian styles are the new basics that make getting dressed easy.

A layered utilitarian look.

A safari jacket is a street style must; Image: Imaxtree

Trenches, vests, boilersuits, button-down shirts, cargo pants and everything and anything with pockets are key to the look. Crisp fabrics, lack of superfluous details and color palettes of beige, brown and green are also musts. But designers haven’t forgotten about style by putting utilitarian twists on unexpected pieces or playing with surprising fabrics and colors.

Here are 21 must-have pieces that combine form and function.