6 Gender-Neutral Fashion Brands to Add to Your Summer Shopping List

We don’t have to tell you that the fashion industry has a diversity problem. (Just read any of our Diversity Reports.) But there are some brands trying to make fashion for everyone.

There are labels all across the country committed to providing gender-neutral fashion that’s both stylish and liberating. “I remember a male-presenting customer come in, walk around the store, and bring some skirts into the dressing room. At one point he shyly stuck his head out of the dressing room to ask for additional sizes and styles. Although he did not end up buying anything, he felt comfortable enough to experiment with his identity. A few weeks later he came back to the store in a dress and high heels, and I could not help but feel proud of this newfound confidence,” Rob Smith, founder of New York City-based, gender-free label The Phluid Project, told Teen Vogue earlier this year.

From underwear to denim, these gender-neutral fashion brands are serving up style to spare.