Street Style Ways to Wear Baggy Pants Without Looking Sloppy

Images: Imaxtree

Baggy doesn’t automatically equal sloppy. Just consider how sophisticated a slouchy suit can look. But oversized styling can quickly go from “just running to the store to get almond milk” comfortable to “I don’t care” dressing in a flash. That’s probably why most of us steer clear of anything loose in favor of formfitting styles in an effort to appear put-together.

With baggy pants giving skinny jeans a run for their money, the time is right to experiment with oversized silhouettes. But figuring out what works with roomy pants can feel like uncharted territory. Sometimes it can be hard to get an objective opinion because everything feels so different with outsize pants. So we put together some visual clues.

Click ahead to see street style outfit ideas that’ll make wearing baggy pants a cinch.