These Cool Winter Hats Make Putting Up With Hat Hair Totally Worth It

You’ve probably already got your new winter coat, or rather coats, hanging in your closet. But what about your winter-ready accessories? We’re assuming you’ve managed to secure your go-to pair of opera gloves by now. So truly chic winter hats should be next on your absolute-must-buy list. Especially since they can literally make or break all of your cold-weather looks.

Unfortunately, temps are already taking a tumble. So you really need to get a move on when it comes to investing in the perfect winter hat. And don’t limit yourself to just one. There’s certainly a lot of variety out there on the fashionable yet winter-appropriate hat front. Not to mention a wide range of prices. So go ahead and buy a cozy hood and an always in style beret (just make sure you look for a wool-blend one) and a statement-making beanie. A faux fur topper is also a great option. Another tip? You should aim to match your hat to your scarf whenever possible.

Keep on scrolling to see the best winter hats that are bound to sell out in no time. They’ll not only keep your head perfectly warm, they’ll up your style profile all season long.