31 Outfit Ideas for Every Day of March Supplied by Our Favorite Street Style Stars

Images: Imaxtree

Let’s face it: March is a weird month. It can be freezing and snowy at the beginning and by the end be sunny and (slightly) warmer. Then there are those rainy days. All of this inconsistency makes coming up with outfit ideas for every day of March a bit of a roller coaster ride.

The solution?

Turn to street style stars. They have tons of experience planning ensembles for often inclement and unpredictable weather. And they’re really pros at layering, which is great since we often have to add or drop a few layers in March. You’ll be happy to hear that a lot of these outfit ideas include staples you probably already have in your closet. We’re talking white button-downs, slip dresses, oversized sweaters and every street style star’s go-to — the turtleneck.

The lessons?

So what can street stylists teach us when it comes to outfit ideas for this in-between season? First, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix different colored leathers. You don’t have to wait until the temps go above 60 to rock bra tops and shorts, long or short. Bright colors are totally fine as long as you temper them with a few more muted shades. And blazers aren’t just for the office, especially the cropped kind.

Ready to be inspired? Check out the slideshow above to see 31 outfit ideas to get you through March in style.