Warm Weather Cardigans to Keep You Comfy on Cool Spring Days and Chilly Summer Nights

When we think of sweaters, fall immediately springs to mind. (Pun intended.) Whether it’s a pullover or cardigan, the cozy creations help keep us warm when temps drop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them the next few months. There are actually tons of stylish warm weather cardigans designed to keep you from shivering on cooler spring days and chilly summer nights.

So what distinguishes a warm weather cardigan from its cold weather cousin? Basically, it all comes down to fabric. For fall and winter, we look for cardis made of heavy cotton or wool to reap the benefits of insulation. On the other hand, spring and summer call for lighter materials, like silk, nylon, polyester and thinner cotton. Plus, cropped silhouettes are practically a necessity from May through September.

Now’s a great time to stock up on warm weather cardigans since there are quite a few deals out there. From ribbed versions perfect for lounging around in to patterned incarnations you’ll want to show off outside or over Zoom, there’s a cardi for every body. See our favorites above.