Sleep Dresses That’ll Keep You Cool and Comfortable All Night Long

Nightgowns. Nightdresses. We prefer the moniker sleep dresses. Whatever you call them, they’re perfect for summer. We all know how hot and downright sticky nights can get around this time of year. Sure, you can keep your air conditioner on full blast until the sun comes up, but that usually leads to sky-high electricity bills. That’s where sleep dresses come in super handy.

Not only do they keep you cool, they’re super comfortable. Which means you’ll have no trouble drifting off to dreamland. An added bonus? You can actually get away with sporting some dresses during daylight hours and even outside. Just be prepared to accessorize.

While sleep dresses are great investment pieces, we swear you’ll get a lot of use out of ‘em, you can score stylish options without going into debt. We found fashionable picks for as low as $50. (Because we like to look good 24/7.) Scroll through the slideshow above to find the best sleep dresses that’ll give you another reason to look forward to bedtime. Sweet dreams.