Mark National Pink Day by Picking Up One (or All) of These Fashion Finds

It seems like everything has a holiday these days. From National Rosé Day to National Nude Day, if there’s something you feel like celebrating, there’s a day to celebrate it. So it should come as no surprise that today is National Pink Day. But this is definitely one “holiday” we don’t mind observing.

It’s basically an excuse to wear pink from our heads down to the nail polish on our toes. And since there’s a shade of pink for practically every day of the month (like salmon, pastel, the oh-so-popular hot, etc.), you can mark the occasion any ol’ way you choose.

Is your closet a little lacking in the pink department? Well, we’re here to help. Besides, buying something pink is the perfect way to celebrate. From statement tops to dresses with fun finishes and even flashy bags, now’s a great time to think pink.