13 Straw Bags You Can Still Carry Come Fall

Straw bags are a thing again. It started a few seasons back with brands like Jacquemus and Loewe sending woven carryalls down their respective runways. Now the beachy bags are summer staples, but what happens when September arrives? Well, even the best straw bags tend to be put away in favor of more autumn-appropriate options.

With money being so tight these days, it seems silly to invest in a bag that you can only cart around a few months of the year. But fear not. There are stylish straw bags you can tote your essentials in until winter arrives.

So what makes a straw bag fall-friendly? In simplest terms, color and shape. In regards to the former, you want to opt for shades like brown, tan, red, pink and black. Winter white is also OK as long as it’s just an accent color. While we all love fringe and oversized totes, they really don’t have a shelf life after August. Bucket, crescent, boxy, circle and crossbody bags are all suitable from September on.

See the slideshow above for the best straw bags to buy now and sport everywhere before the snow falls.