Here’s How to Beat the Heat in Style

With temps rising, we’re all looking for ways to cool down. You can reach for a gel moisturizer or soothing cucumber skin care products. Or you can simply top off your cutoffs and miniskirts with a stylish top sans sleeves. The best sleeveless tops offer ventilation as well as sartorial cred. And a promise that they’ll remain in fashion for many summers to come.

Sleeveless shirts proved popular back in the mid-90s to early 2000s. We’re using Rachel Green and Monica Geller as our inspo. The über popular show saw the friends showing off their arms on a regular basis. Be it in breezy button-downs or seasonally-appropriate knits. The outfits were often minimal and fabulous.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the best sleeveless tops have a bit more flair. From ruffles to embroidery to draped details, it’s easy to go to extremes. But there are also still plenty of stripped-down versions to satisfy your “retro” cravings.

Scroll through the slideshow above for the best sleeveless tops of the season, whether you consider yourself a Monica or a Rachel.