Fall 2020’s Breakout Pattern Has Summer Written All Over It

With fall on the horizon, we’re reflecting back on all the Fall 2020 runways had to offer. While most of the trends were definitely designed for colder temps, there was one that actually works well right now. We’re talking about checkerboard, aka the pattern you’ll be seeing everywhere soon enough.

The bold print is no stranger to fashion, but it’s gotten a lot more colorful. Although we’ll always have a place in our wardrobes for the standard black-and-white grid, we find ourselves gravitating to more vibrant hues. We’re talking green, red, purple, pink and even bold blues.

We’re pleased to see that our favorite retailers are already stocked with checkerboard everything. Of course, Vans is our go-to for embracing the pattern in sneaker form. But there are also tons of sporty sandals on offer. On the clothing front, we’re happy to report you can score tops, bottoms, jumpsuits and bodysuits.

This is another one of those instances when you don’t want to double up. So stick to one checkerboard piece per outfit. (If said piece has multiple checkerboards in multiple colors, that’s perfectly fine.)

Check out the best checkerboard creations made for summer you can also wear through fall.