The Controversial Item We’re (Finally) Adding to Our Fall Wardrobes

In this era of dressing down, many fashion rules have gone right out the window. Wearing fancy pajamas on a video conference call? No prob. Sporting sweatpants seven days a week? Go right ahead. So we’ve decided to embrace one of the most laid-back tops around: denim shirts. Yup, you read that right.

Even with double (and triple) denim trending, many of us still weren’t able willing to jump on the all-jean bandwagon. But times have changed and so has our style. Denim shirts are actually the perfect way to look put-together while staying comfy. You can style them with matching or clashing jeans. Or use them to top off your midi skirt or Emily Ratajkowski-approved cargo pants.

Retailers are full of stylish denim shirts in a variety of fits, from super streamlined to oversized silhouettes. Plus, they’re relatively affordable. You can find a quality version for under $30.

Here are the best denim shirts you’ll want to wear on repeat all season long.