14 Far-From-Basic Black Heels Because We Like Pumps With a Little Personality

Heels have definitely taken a back seat to more comfy footwear since the pandemic hit. After all, no one wants to slip on a pair for a Zoom call when no one can see your feet. While many experts are suggesting high heels won’t make a comeback, we beg to differ. In fact, we’re betting we’ll all want to dress up again. And nothing dresses up an outfit better than black pumps.

Confession: We’re pretty picky when it comes to black pumps. We’re somewhat flexible on heel height. (We love a wide range, from kitten to towering stilettos.) What isn’t debatable is that they can’t be basic. You know, plain ol’ leather (including patent) or suede iterations that are more about function than form.

On our wishlist? Dynamic details like cut-outs, mesh, quilting and flashy buckles. We’re also down for fancy pumps with jewelry-like accents. Think hidden pearls and attached anklets.

Check out the slideshow for the best black pumps that really make a statement.