16 Eye-Catching Ear Cuffs to Polish Off Any Look

We all love ear candy, but your options may seem rather limited without pierced ears. While cool clip-on earrings exist, they often tug or pinch earlobes. Which means they’re too uncomfortable to wear all day long. The solution? Trendy ear cuffs that instantly elevate any outfit.

The best ear cuffs can be worn solo or stacked. (Since you can snag ones for just $14, stocking up on cuffs definitely won’t put a dent in your bank account.) FYI: All you pierced folks out there can style them with your favorite earrings. The variety of styles is clearly impressive. Think dainty danglers, outsize geometric stunners along with colorful crystal picks. They’re easy on the ears, too.

When it comes to how to wear them, there are plenty of options. You can try taking the street style route by rocking multiple ear cuffs and earrings all around your ears. Or embrace a more minimal look by sporting a sleek cuff. Feel free to fall somewhere in the middle. And don’t be afraid of mixing different metals because silver and gold go surprisingly well together.

Go ahead and check out the slideshow above for cool cuffs that absolutely make a statement.