These Are the Top 6 Denim Trends for Fall 2020 and the 5 Best Jeans in Every Category

Fall is the season of denim. With so many of us still working out of our home offices, having jeans on hand is now a necessity. But there are several Fall 2020 denim trends to be aware of before beginning your jean shopping spree.

For starters, distressed, aka ripped, jeans are most definitely in. Whether you favor a tiny tear here or there or some serious shredding, you’ll find ample versions on offer. Just make sure none of the rips will leave you feeling exposed.

Wide-leg jeans are also trending. How wide is up to you. You can go for a slight extension or opt for culotte-style pairs.

While low-rise jeans are still trying to stage a comeback, their high-waisted cousins are back in fashion. With one condition, of course. You want to look for ones boasting straight legs to get the full effect.

Everything from bleached to dark blue is proving popular, but black jeans are the real stars of the season. The good news is there are plenty to choose from. You can go for a faded look or a more jet-black take.

The classic flare is also hanging in there. Just like with wide-leg jeans, you can decide how much flare you’re comfortable with. Our preference? Extreme 70s-era flares that are just an inch shy of bell-bottom status.

For traditionalists, this last top trend is right up your alley. Bootcut jeans in any and every wash are set to be staples this season. Put a 2020 spin on the look by rocking a cropped pair.

Scroll through the slideshow above to discover the best Fall 2020 denim options out there.