These Maxi Skirts Are a Definite Fall Mood

There are certain fall staples everyone has in their closet. A somewhat lightweight jacket or blazer, blue jeans and boots, preferably the Chelsea variety. But there’s one must-have piece you may not have thought of. We’re talking about fall-appropriate maxi skirts. And there are lots of options out there.

Just because it’ll soon be getting cooler doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to heavier fabrics. Sheer material and linen are totally acceptable. As long as you layer tights or some knee-high boots underneath. Now is the prime time to rock the maxi look because once all that snow and slush hit the ground, you’ll want to take them out of circulation. FYI: Salt stains are not cute.

When it comes to what to wear on top, we leave that up to you. We love styling our maxis with cropped cardigans and statement-collar shirts. But feel free to flex your sartorial muscle. Even when you’re just chilling at home.

See below for the coolest fall-appropriate maxi skirts around.