13 Pairs of Winter Socks You’ll Want to Flaunt Once Your Boots Are Off

Staying warm is goal number one once winter rolls in. And despite much evidence to the contrary, bundling up doesn’t mean giving up on style. We’ve already highlighted chic coats, cool hats, scarves and gloves. Not to mention some truly fashion-forward boots. So what’s left, you ask? Why winter socks, of course.

You may be saying to yourself: “Who cares what my socks look like under my new super stylish boots?” Well, at some point those boots come off. Which means people are going to notice your socks of choice. So why not give them something to look at? Especially since there are fashionable/toasty options out there.

On the pattern front, you have everything from argyle to Fair Isle to marled and even florals. Stripes more your thing? We’ve got you covered. There’s even a couple of logo-clad pairs in the mix. When it comes to price, you can spend a bit more for brand names. Or save a few bucks by focusing on eye-catching prints. Which includes cool textured options that just scream cozy. While crew versions are the norm, don’t dismiss longer options. They provide extra insulation, whether you wear something over them or not.

Find your new favorite pairs of chic winter socks below.