17 Winter-Worthy Jumpsuits You’ll Want to Wear All Season Long


We’re always up for things that make life easier. Whether it’s multitasking beauty products or holiday pajamas we’re willing to wear outside. With winter creeping ever closer, there’s another simple pleasure we’re adding to our must-buy list. We’re talking about winter jumpsuits.

While jumpsuits are affiliated with warmer months, the recent rise of the boilersuit has changed things. Sure, you could simply add a few layers under or over one of your summer faves. But that won’t provide adequate insulation. For a one-piece to be truly winter-worthy, it must be made of tougher stuff. Like heavy cotton, leather or wool.

Before you start worrying that the only options are boring and boxy, hear us out. There are plenty of exciting versions with interesting details. Think exaggerated sleeves, fancy buttons and exposed pockets. And you don’t have to keep things neutral. Pastels and neons are just some of the seasonally-appropriate shades on offer.

Scroll through the slideshow to discover the best winter jumpsuits that’ll keep you warm while looking cool.