These Wrap Skirts Have Winter Written All Over Them

Wrap skirts are essentials in our spring and summer wardrobes. Usually made up of breezy or semi-sheer fabrics, they’re often designed to (sometimes barely) cover up the bottom half of your swimsuit. But the silhouette doesn’t have to be restricted to warmer months. We actually found lots of great winter wrap skirts at our preferred online retailers.

What makes these wrap skirts winter-worthy is their length and material. Sweater skirts are still enjoying their time in the trend spotlight and midi and maxi versions are ideal for keeping your legs warm. Cotton, leather, canvas and wool are other seasonally-appropriate options.

Another positive? Most provide a little breathing room thanks to their adjustable ties. Those ties also make tucking in your top easy-peasy.

When it comes to styling, they’re pretty versatile. We love topping ours with a chunky knit or an oversized button-down and a black leather blazer. Feel free to add in a pair of tights, leggings or even pants if you’re concerned you’ll be cold.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the coolest winter wrap skirts of the season.