12 Long Cardigans That Are All Kinds of Cozy

Cardigans are obviously essential parts of all of our wardrobes. Most of the time we tend to favor shorter or even cropped versions. But long cardigans offer a special kind of magic. That’s because they keep you warm and transform any ol’ outfit into something to truly behold.

There’s quite a bit of variety when it comes to extended cardigans. Which we’re all for since we like to switch things up from time to time. You can go ahead and opt for ones with buttons, either in select sections or all the way up and down. Some can even double as dresses in spring. Maybe fall. Then there are those that are designed to be left open. Unless you cinch them with a belt. Totally your call, of course.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred silhouette, you can style your long cardigans in any number of ways. You can layer them over maxi dresses or even lounge sets. (We’re betting you have plenty of the latter by now.) They’ll also go well with jeans teamed with statement tops. Try flaunting one under an open coat. Thanks to the cardigan, you won’t get cold.

Ready to get your cardi party started? Then check out our top picks below.