14 Shackets to Sport as Shirts (Now) and Jackets (Come Spring)

Spring is coming. But first we have to get through the rest of winter. So we’re keeping an eye out for items we can wear now and later. Enter shackets aka the ideal twofers this time of year.

First, a little background. Shackets function as shirts or jackets, hence the cutesy name. Some brands call them shirt jackets or even overshirts, but they’re all the same thing. There are plenty of wool or wool-blend versions out there right now. But since the last thing you want on your body is scratchy, sweat-inducing wool once the weather heats up, we’re focusing on other materials. Mainly cotton and leather.

When it comes to styling, shackets are pretty versatile. As soon as your pick arrives at your door, you can wear it as a shirt teamed with a heavy coat and jeans — or sweatpants. Once we change seasons, slip it on over a tee or a blouse to keep your upper half warm on those rainy or chilly spring days.

Check out the coolest shackets to buy and wear now through spring in the slideshow above.