We’re Learning to Love One of the Season’s Most Hated Trends

We frequently find ourselves indulging in the latest and, arguably, greatest fashion trends. After all, every season brings a fresh batch of things to try. Many fall by the wayside once a new fashion month rolls around. Others have more staying power. Then there are the ones we’re hesitant to embrace. Like padded shoulder tops.

They are literally everywhere. While their silhouette may initially seem unflattering, anybody can rock one. Keep in mind that there are different degrees of padding. Some shirts use a little to establish some structure. Then there are the tops that make you look like a linebacker. You just have to know your body and which type suits you best.

Another important thing to consider is what you wear from the waist down. With some bulkiness up top, you want to streamline things below. So save the baggy jeans for another day and another outfit.

Keep scrolling to discover the raddest padded shoulder tops around.