Double Denim Done the Summer Way

Emily Ratajkowski always marches to the beat of her own drum. Especially when it comes to fashion. Just look at all the stylish “maternity” clothes she sported during her pregnancy. Now she’s gone ahead and showed us how to successfully pull off summer double denim.

Pairing a Prada denim bra top and baggy jeans, Emily made wearing a Canadian tuxedo in warm weather appear effortless. But it’s trickier than it looks. You need to steer clear of heavy denim. You also need to make sure your arms or legs are exposed. Or even both. Because there’s nothing worse than sweating in denim.

Some brands do the work for you by offering matching sets. Although you should feel free to mix labels. You don’t have to go matchy-matchy, either. Go ahead and combine that dark wash top with almost bleached jean shorts. It’s actually easier than trying to exactly match shades from two different brands.

Ready to give it a go? See below for the coolest summer double denim looks.