11 Reasons to Consider Adding a Trench Dress to Your Summer Lineup

Trenches are staples in fall. That’s probably why designers try to reinvent the classic coat every year. If you love the look, there’s a way to rock trenches right now. How? By working trench dresses into your summer wardrobe.

The chic dresses started popping up everywhere back during fashion’s utilitarian craze. But they have real staying power. Especially since they boast belts making them truly customizable. (Unlike belts, buttons are not mandatory.) They’re also a great way to start dressing up again with minimal effort.

Once the weather begins to cool down, these dresses turn into epic layering devices. You can slip one on over everything from button-downs paired with slacks to jeans topped with turtlenecks. Plus, they look just as stylish with boots as they do with sandals.

Not convinced? Keep reading to discover the trench dresses that’ll earn you tons of compliments.