Mix Things Up This Summer With These Mismatched Bikinis

It’s officially swimsuit season. You can scroll through pages of your favorite online retailer’s bikini picks to pick up the perfect top and the matching bottoms. Or you can shake things up by thinking outside the coordinating two-piece box. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best mismatched bikinis.

Read: Mismatched doesn’t necessarily mean clashing. We like to think of each piece as a sister from another mother. In other words, the tops and bottoms have to have something in common. Whether it be complementary colors or patterns. They can come from the same brand or completely different labels.

While we found one mismatched set, most of the time you’ll have to buy the components separately. Since every brand relies on its own sizing guidelines, don’t assume you’re the same size up top as on bottom. A small from Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t equate to a small from Solid & Striped.

Here are the coolest mismatched bikinis around.