White Bags You’ll Want to Carry Long After Labor Day

’Tis the season of white dresses and stark jeans. So it makes sense that celebrities are currently favoring another white hot item. Everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Rihanna is sporting white bags. Thankfully, the prices for the best white bags are pretty varied. Meaning you don’t have to have beaucoup bucks to indulge in the trend.

White bags are great neutrals all year long. Although they really pop in summer. They look just as good paired with a tank top and cutoffs as they do slung over a flirty floral dress.

Even though they’re suited to summer, you’ll still be able to rock them come fall. And winter. Not to mention in spring. Yes, you can cart them everywhere all year long.

Here are the best white bags to make staples in your year-round wardrobe.