Why You Should Show Your Stripes This Summer (and Straight Through Fall)

Technically, stripes are always in fashion. But it’s summer when those lines offer the biggest oomph. Of course, not all stripes are created equal. Whether it comes down to width, color or pattern. (We actually prefer skinnier stripes when it’s warm out.) So we rounded up the best pieces to flaunt summer stripes in style.

We’re so obsessed with going vertical that we’re embracing matching sets. From Sportmax’s triple play to Tory Burch’s suit, we love coordinating.

If you don’t feel like rocking stripes all over, feel free to break up the sets. Or sport a striped dress with dad sandals. You can also pair a button-down with cutoffs. Tunics and pants make great cover-ups. Go ahead and keep these pieces in your lineup come fall. All it takes is a little layering expertise.

Here are our favorite ways to show your summer stripes, even through fall.