Presenting the Top Trends of Fashion Month Spring 2022

Every season there are certain overarching themes. From bike shorts to argyle sweaters to last season’s circle cut-out invasion. So we took the time to look through all of the collections to extract the top Fashion Month Spring 2022 trends.

This time around there were some surprising constants. (Especially considering the fact that these are spring collections.) Hope you like Canadian tuxedos. Because they’re clearly in this for the long haul. We were also treated to super stylish unitards. No, that’s not an oxymoron.

If you’re comfortable flaunting some flesh, you’re in luck. Miniskirts are practically disintegrating. Frankly, they’re marching into micro territory. Some are even closer to briefs than skirts. We’re not sure how you could even sit down wearing some of them. Maybe break out your leftover bike shorts?

Designers are still looking back to the 90s and early aughts for inspo. We’re talking butterflies, sheer sleeves and double denim. Don’t worry, most have a more modern spin. So you (hopefully) won’t feel like you’re back in school.

Here are the Fashion Month Spring 2022 trends you need to have on your radar. Even if you don’t feel like embracing any of them come April.

Images: Imaxtree