This Spring 2022 Trend Is Frankly Better Suited to Fall

We’re occasionally surprised by fashion week trends. Usually we can somewhat predict what’s going to come down the runways each season. Like the 80s resurgence that morphed into the early aughts comeback. Or cut-outs expanding to include circles. But there’s one theme we didn’t see coming for Spring 2022. We’re talking about unitards.

The formfitting one-pieces usually reserved for workouts and gymnasts received a high-fashion makeover. Several designers even offered several versions in their most recent collections. Naturally, they jazzed them up a bit by adding in belts or cut-outs. Making it more believable that we could actually rock them IRL.

Despite their being a mainstay of spring collections, unitards seem more fall-appropriate. Because who wants to sport a close-fitting jumpsuit when it’s warm or even hot out? Moisture-wicking material or not. They’re perfect layering devices akin to bodysuits this time of year. Use yours as a base layer, then slide on your favorite pair of jeans. Or a miniskirt. You can even rock them like leggings by covering up with a sweater up top.

Ready to buy your first but definitely not last unitard? Keep reading for the best picks of the season. You can also flaunt them come spring if you want.