These Chokers Take Any Fall Outfit Up a Notch

Collars have certainly been getting a lot of attention lately. You can blame or curse cottagecore. There were all the exaggerated ones. Not to mention detachable options. But there’s a far simpler way to stand out. How? Work some striking chokers into your fall wardrobe.

Think about it. Between all the turtlenecks and crisp button-downs, you need a way to make an impression. Just add your choker over the former and under the collar of the latter. Or favor a layered look by wrapping your choker above a shirt with the top button buttoned. If your top doesn’t have a collar, just incorporate one of these necklaces and voilà. Problem solved. This trick really pops when used on plunging or V-neck shirts.

While these chokers make an impression all on their own, feel free to double up. Make sure the pairing feels organic, though. Team a skinny version with a far thicker take. Or combine a structured choker with a more shapely option. You can even mix gold and silver.

Now that we’ve convinced you to invest, here are the best chokers around. Splurge on one or buy several. We actually found a few under $50 so go ahead and stock up.