24 Pairs of Tights That’ll Bring Out Your Inner Street Style Star

Fall and winter have their limitations. Like the fact that you have to work with layers that only allow you to show off a few parts of your outfit at a time. So why not make the most of it by rocking some truly stylish tights?

It’s the perfect seasonal compromise. You get to display a cool color, a bold pattern or tons of texture. All without freezing your butt off. Appealing, no?

Now there is a bit of strategy involved. It’s important to favor sheer varieties in fall. Swap out those opaque options for thick tights come winter. Basically, you want to wear ones that could almost double as leggings.

We also encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to styling. Pairing them with miniskirts is a great, albeit safe, route. Since distressed denim is currently trending, slip on your tights of choice underneath so they poke through in all the right places. They make sheer skirts and dresses cold weather-appropriate. Plus, you can even flaunt peep-toes straight through March.

Keep reading to see our favorite sets of stylish tights to add to your wardrobe. They’ll have you feeling like a street style star in no time.