Burgundy Is Our New Favorite Neutral

There are certain established neutrals. You know, black, white, brown… Over the years even animal prints have been added to the list. This winter we’re advocating for a new wear-with-everything shade. We’re throwing all of our support behind burgundy.

For the record, we’re including anything labeled merlot, wine, garnet and maroon. They’re pretty interchangeable anyway. The dark red hue is surprisingly easy to coordinate. It works with other neutrals (see above). Or go bold by paring it with neons, primary colors or even patterns. Just not all at once.

The hue also naturally lends itself to winter. The deep red can sometimes almost read brown, making it great for a season focused on darker shades. It’ll ground any look. From a sweater and jeans pairing to midi skirt suits. The latter requires some winter tights or stirrup leggings to properly round out the ensemble. We’re including shoes and accessories as part of our must-haves, too. So feel free to rock burgundy from head to toe.

Another plus? The shade will always be in style. Which means most of the pieces you buy now will still be acceptable next winter. So you can afford to spend a little bit more.

Here are our favorite burgundy staples.