5 Healthy Drinks You Really Want to Try

Healthy Drinks

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When you’ve had your recommended eight glasses of water a day and are feeling a little fed up with sugar-free, fizzy drinks, there are some other healthy options you can try. We’ve found some juices, sodas, teas and detox cleanses with hidden health benefits that are deliciously easy to digest. Scroll through the liquid options below, which you can turn to the next time you’re feeling thirsty.

Nudie & Soda

Nudie & Soda

To all the avid soft drink lovers, there’s a new, much healthier option for you. Containing 50 percent real fruit and 48 percent water, Nudie & Soda comes in five yummy flavours to suit your personal taste. It doesn’t contain any of the nasties commonly found in fizzy drinks like preservatives, colours and artifical flavours, so there’s no need to feel guilty about this one. Search for it at selected cafes and corner stores.



AquaMamma is a safe and healthy drink designed to help pregnant women with hydration, but because it’s filled with electrolytes, the beverage is also the perfect hangover cure. It has half the sugars of your average coconut water with just 2.5 g per 100 mL. If you’re a gym junkie, this low-calorie option will ensure you don’t undo all your hard work.

Nakd Water

Nakd water

Unlike other waters on the market, Nakd contains a whopping 93.4 g of silica. This miracle ingredient helps connective tissue like muscles, tendons, hair, nails, cartilage and bones, stay healthy and strong.

Pukka Teas

pukka teas

Specially blended by master herbalist Sebastian Pole, each of the Pukka blends is full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit. Each of the flavours, including the yummy kinds like Peppermint & Licorice and Three Cinnamon, is naturally caffeine free and 100 percent organically-grown and ethically-sourced.

Lucky You Cleanse

Lucky You Cleanse

The immaculate bodies of Miranda Kerr, Jesinta Campbell and Isabelle Cornish all swear by Lucky You Cleanse, so it must be doing something right. It uses the finest raw fruit and veggies with state-of-the-art equipment. We all know how messy it can be to try and whip up your own juice at home, so it’s pretty convenient that these pure, nutrient-dense and power-packed juices are delivered right to your door.